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  • "Sue's wealth of real estate experience resulted in my home selling in 4 days and a flawlessly executed 30 day escrow."

    Sue Lapeter is absolutely the best! I have partnered with Sue on multiple occasions both as a buyer and seller, and there was no doubt in my mind who I would hire when it came time to sell my Langtree home. Hiring Sue is the equivalent of hiring a business partner that you can count on to work hard on your behalf, and collaborate with to objectively assess the value of your property, develop a successful marketing strategy, and get you top dollar for your home. Sue’s wealth of real estate experience and knowledge resulted in my home selling in 4 days, and a flawlessly executed 30 day escrow. Such a pleasure to work with, thanks for another great real estate experience, Sue!

    Dena Atkins

  • "Because of Sue we are living in our dream home. "

    We could not have asked for a better realtor. Sue LaPeter is excellent at her job. It is because of her that we now are living in our dream home. From start to finish, she was by our side, answering our countless e-mails and phone calls to her, answering every little question we had, and in the end, getting us a great home for a great price.

    She is professional, knowledgeable, knows how to negotiate, takes care of business quickly, and leaves every other realtor in the dust. Even the seller’s agent was impressed with how on point Sue was during the entire process. We were a little apprehensive to buy our first home but she took on all the heavy work for us, made it so easy and stress-free, and left us thinking “why didn’t we do this sooner?”. She is one in a million and you will not regret choosing her as your realtor.

    Eric and Keri MacDonald

  • "Sue hit a home run."

    Sue LaPeter did an absolutely fantastic job for me selling my house in Orange, CA. I interviewed four agents, and she was the only one with a really strong plan for selling the house beyond the basic marketing “mumbo-jumbo” that any agent is going to give you. She recommended staging my home which made sense to me because the furnishings I owned and had in my home were less than optimal for the purpose of showing the home. She negotiated a very good rate for the staging and I got very attractive terms. Sue hit a home run. She hit it outta the park. We sold the Orange County house after 4 days on the market at a price higher than any of the other agents thought it would bring. You might get lucky and do “as good as”, but you will never do better than Sue LaPeter for selling your house.

    Monte S.

  • "In a word, Sue is the B.E.S.T. "

    We write this letter of commendation for Sue LaPeter with immense pride and gratitude.Sue listed and sold our home in Villa Park and also acted as our agent in the purchase of our new home in the Santiago Park. In a word, Sue is the B.E.S.T.

    B is for Bona Fide: Genuine, real, authentic, true. Sue LaPeter is the real deal. She knows her stuff backwards and forwards. She came to our home to solicit our listing loaded for bear. She had a printout of every home sold and listed in our town for the past six months, broken down into homes that were true “comps” and others that were not. We quickly agreed on the listing price and chose Sue
    to represent us.

    E is for Exemplary: Serving as a desirable model, representing the best of its kind. We can think of no better adjective to describe Sue LaPeter. Throughout every phase of selling our home and buying our next home, Sue was ultra‐prepared and anticipated everything well before it actually happened.
    Example: Sue had our home inspected for termites immediately after we listed for sale so that we would know exactly what to expect. Compare that to the listing agent on the house we purchased, who had the termite ordered seven days before close of escrow. Example: Sue had the vision to see that our home would look best staged. She hired an outstanding stager who presented our home in a way that would appeal to buyers. Staging the home made all the difference in the selling process.

    S is for Sincere: Free from pretense or deceit, proceeding from genuine feelings, heartfelt, wholehearted. Sue LaPeter is such a beautiful person, inside and out. There was never a doubt throughout the process that she put her client’s best interest at the forefront.

    T is for Team: Two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. A lot of realtors describe themselves with the word “team”. Team LaPeter is not just some marketing gimmick. It’s a fact. Sue LaPeter’s team included not only a capable assistant, who called or texted us every single day, but well beyond that to include contractors, escrow people, title people, home inspector, and the list goes on and on. When something needs to get done, Sue waves her wand and exclaims “Watch this”, and voilà, it’s already happened.

    We could go on for pages telling you how great Sue LaPeter is. Do yourself a favor and hire Sue LaPeter to represent you. You’ll happily discover the Sue LaPeter experience.
    Very truly yours,
    Bob & Dori Dewberry

    Bob and Dori Dewberry

  • "Sue is a good communicator; she explained how the process works and kept me informed each step along the way."

    The LaPeter Team was great!  All really easy to work with, helpful & friendly.  Sue is a good communicator; she explained how the process works and kept me informed each step along the way.  She was generally available immediately by phone and responded quickly to my requests for information. I really appreciated that she was on time.  If she said she’d meet me at 10:00, I could count on her being there at 10:00.  I would recommend her to anyone getting ready to sell a home.

    Vicky Staub

  • "Sue loves what she does and it shows."

    Sue La Peter to me is the best Realtor because she is experienced, knowledgeable & gives her client a peace of mind. She reassures her client that she will take care of everything….and I mean everything! Sue is always positive & guides her client through the process of selling or buying with ease. Sue loves what she does and it shows.

    Scott and Kathlene Resley

  • "She always had time to return every one of my calls in a timely manner."

    When we decided to sell our home we talked with several Realtors. We selected Sue and her team for several reasons. She was well prepared & the most knowledgeable. She sold our home in 10 days all cash! She always had time to return every one of my calls in a timely manner. The smartest thing we did beside hire Sue, was to listen and cooperate with her recommendations on staging and how to best show the house. We are totally appreciative and so thankful we selected The LaPeter Team. The results speak for themselves.

    Jeff and Carole Smith

  • " Sue was definitely an agent who had my best interest in mind"

    Throughout the process of selling my home, Sue has been a very conscientious and diligent agent . She guided and advised me on an ongoing basis during the process of selling my home. She continuously and effectively communicated with me to keep me appraised and informed, often initiating the communication herself. I valued her opinion highly and have made various changes in my selling strategy based on her suggestions. Sue was definitely an agent I could trust, who I felt had my best interest in mind, and who went above and beyond her obligations to me as a client (such as opening and locking the house to let various contractors/repairmen in, checking to see that the house is locked, e.t.c.).
    I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

    Levy Rabinowitz

    2848 N. Preston St., Orange Ca

  • "Sue Sold Our Short Sale in Just 25 Days!"

    Sue, we cannot thank you enough for the incredible job you and your team did for us. You pulled off the unthinkable—a short sale in 25 days! Your impressive knowledge of the short sale process and experience working with lenders helped us through what is typically a long and very cumbersome process. From start to finish your handling of the transaction, lender, and buyer was nothing less than exceptional. We would not hesitate to refer you to our family and friends and look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Tom & Natalie O.

  • "Head and Shoulders above the Others"

    As you know I have owned and sold many residential properties over the past 30 years. I must say that my experience with you and your team has been head and shoulders above any others I have previously worked with. Your level of commitment and professional service far exceeded my already high expectations. I have, and will continue to recommend your services to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. Thanks again for all you and your staff have done to make this transaction a smooth and pleasant one.

    Frank C. Childs

  • "Professionalism, Expertise and Knowledge"

    Sue La Peter is who I chose as a realtor when I decided to sell my father’s house. I was referred to Sue because of her high level of professionalism, expertise and knowledge. From the initial listing to the final closing, Sue kept me involved in the entire process. She had laid out a very thorough plan to market and sell the home and, in a short time, she accomplished the goal—my dad’s house was sold. Sue made selling a house in a difficult market easy.

    Alan & Denise Weinberg

  • "Sue has boundless energy."

    Sue was able to read our reactions to the first few homes she showed us so that subsequent showings were tailored to our tastes. I really was impressed by how quickly she “got us”. Instead of using a shotgun approach, which would have wasted our time and energy, she concentrated her efforts on those homes that she knew would appeal to us.

    She was efficient and effective. All of her homework was done. She had previewed almost all of the houses she showed us so there were very few “surprises”, and when there were surprises she didn’t waste any time trying to make them fit.

    Sue has boundless energy. She is friendly and works to make the process as painless as possible. Throughout the escrow period, she was involved and helpful. We were living across the country and would have had difficulty if she had been less involved in the sale.

    The next time we are in the real estate market or interested in selling our home, I know that we will contact Sue.

    Susan and Gary Grinsell

  • "The LaPeter team is a perfect ten! "

    Sue LaPeter recently sold my Tustin house and it was a wonderful experience. I appreciated her knowledge of the local real estate market and her ability to explain the real estate process in simple, practical terms. Her and her entire team were friendly and attentive. They were consistent in their communication with us and were always easy to get a hold of. They made the experience of selling a home so easy. I highly recommend the LaPeter Team to anyone looking for a North Orange County real estate agent

    Joanne Granville

  • "Sue and Toni had great communication and were very responsive and always available to help me. "

    I worked with Sue LaPeter and Toni Bush to purchase a home in Orange, CA. Both Sue and Toni were professional and courteous. They listened to my needs and then used their knowledge of the local market to find a wonderful home. They were both communicated well. They were responsive to my questions and always available to help me. Sue and Toni were easy to work with and I would highly recommend them to my friends, family and neighbors.

    Sandi Patterson