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Susan and Gary Grinsell

By admin | March 21, 2014

Sue was able to read our reactions to the first few homes she showed us so that subsequent showings were tailored to our tastes. I really was impressed by how quickly she “got us”. Instead of using a shotgun approach, which would have wasted our time and energy, she concentrated her efforts on those homes that she knew would appeal to us.

She was efficient and effective. All of her homework was done. She had previewed almost all of the houses she showed us so there were very few “surprises”, and when there were surprises she didn’t waste any time trying to make them fit.

Sue has boundless energy. She is friendly and works to make the process as painless as possible. Throughout the escrow period, she was involved and helpful. We were living across the country and would have had difficulty if she had been less involved in the sale.

The next time we are in the real estate market or interested in selling our home, I know that we will contact Sue.