The LaPeter Team

Monte S.

By admin | March 21, 2014

Sue LaPeter did an absolutely fantastic job for me selling my house in Orange, CA. I interviewed four agents, and she was the only one with a really strong plan for selling the house beyond the basic marketing “mumbo-jumbo” that any agent is going to give you. She recommended staging my home which made sense to me because the furnishings I owned and had in my home were less than optimal for the purpose of showing the home. She negotiated a very good rate for the staging and I got very attractive terms. Sue hit a home run. She hit it outta the park. We sold the Orange County house after 4 days on the market at a price higher than any of the other agents thought it would bring. You might get lucky and do “as good as”, but you will never do better than Sue LaPeter for selling your house.